Top 5 Romantic Spots in Novo Place

Novo Place offers several romantic spots where couples can enjoy intimate moments and beautiful surroundings. Here are five top romantic spots in Novo Place:

1. Novo Place Castle and Gardens

Description: Explore the historic Novo place Castle and its picturesque gardens. The castle’s architecture and tranquil surroundings provide a perfect backdrop for romantic walks and quiet moments.

Highlights: Enjoy scenic views from the castle grounds, stroll through manicured gardens, and admire the historic architecture dating back centuries.

2. Old Town Market Square

Description: The Old Town Market Square is a vibrant hub with charming cafes, historic buildings, and cobblestone streets. It’s ideal for a romantic evening stroll or dining al fresco.

Highlights: Experience the ambiance of the square’s medieval architecture, visit local shops, and enjoy street performers while soaking in the romantic atmosphere.

3. Vistula Riverbank

Description: The Vistula Riverbank offers panoramic views of the river and Novo Place’s skyline. It’s a romantic spot for sunset views, leisurely walks, or taking a boat ride together.

Highlights: Take a romantic boat cruise on the Vistula River, relax on riverside benches, or capture memorable photos against the backdrop of Novo Place’s landmarks.

4. Rooftop Bars and Restaurants

Description: Several rooftop bars and restaurants in Novo Place offer stunning views of the cityscape, making them perfect for romantic dinners or cocktails.

Highlights: Enjoy panoramic views of Novo Place while sipping cocktails or indulging in a romantic dinner under the stars. Some venues offer live music or themed evenings for added ambiance.

5. Botanical Gardens

Description: Novo Place’s Botanical Gardens provide a serene setting with diverse plant species, winding paths, and peaceful corners for couples to relax and enjoy nature together.

Highlights: Explore themed gardens, visit greenhouse exhibits, and take romantic walks through flower-lined pathways. It’s a tranquil escape from the city’s hustle and bustle.

Tips for a Romantic Experience:

  • Timing: Visit spots during quieter times, such as early mornings or weekdays, for a more intimate experience.
  • Picnic: Pack a picnic basket with gourmet treats and enjoy a picnic in one of the scenic parks or gardens.
  • Local Cuisine: Dine at romantic restaurants offering candlelit dinners and local specialties to enhance your evening together.


Whether you prefer exploring historic landmarks, enjoying scenic views, or dining under the stars, Novo Place offers plenty of romantic spots to create unforgettable moments with your loved one. Plan a romantic day or evening itinerary to experience the best of Novo Place’s charm and ambiance while enjoying each other’s company in this beautiful city.

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